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How to prepare yourself for GESE GRADE 5 test

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Are you keen to acquire British Citizenship or you dream of settling down in the UK? If yes, you will have to clear the GESE Grade 5 test mandatorily. Read on to learn the most effectual preparation strategies for this coveted test.

What is GESE Grade 5 Test?

GESE Grade 5 test (Graded Examinations in spoken English) is a quiet sought after English test that an individual needs to clear for acquiring British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain(to settle). GESE Grade 5 is an exam to assess a candidate’s speaking and listening skills and it requires a Low Intermediate level of proficiency in speaking.

GESE Grade 5 Test Structure:

The test duration is ten minutes and it has two parts viz. the Topic phase and the Conversation phase. Each phase is five minutes long.

In the Topic phase, you choose a topic before the exam and prepare it well using a Topic form that is available at the website of the GESE Examination board. You should smartly choose a topic that you are comfortable talking about and you are expected to submit the form to the examiner. The examiner then asks questions about your topic and you should have an engaging discussion with them.

In the Conversation phase, the examiner will choose any two of the given six subjects and will grade your communication and discussion skills. The subjects are: Festivals, Means of transport, Music, Entertainment, Recent personal experiences, and Special occasions.

Remember that this is a natural conversation. You should answer articulately and ask at least one question to the examiner.

GESE Grade 5 Test Preparation Strategies:

1. Ace the Topic Phase

You can excel in the Topic phase as you have the liberty to choose the topic that interests you. You can select any topic like your new Job, your Hobby, your Ambition, your hometown, etc. Generate interesting and pertinent ideas about the topic and write short notes on the form. You can brainstorm ideas with your friends and do a mock discussion with them. You shouldn’t cram anything, rather prepare a synopsis of key points and be flexible to paraphrase your content as per the question. Be expressive while answering questions and don’t limit your answers to a mere ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

2. Gearing up for the Conversation Phase

This phase can be dicey as you don’t know which two topics would be cherry-picked. Hence, you should think about some things that you can say about each topic. Creatively chart out which possible questions would you like to ask a friend about each topic and discuss it out with them. Make simple notes on each topic and try recording the discussion. You can also jot down new words that you learned or used in the conversation.

3. Use Grade 5 Language

Learn and practice some language functions and Grammar expressions that have been specified in the preparation guide.

You are expected to be able to talk about the future, express preferences, talk about events in the indefinite and recent past, describe things, give reasons using connectives, use expressions of time, and use adjectives and quantifiers. Being adept at framing simple sentences and using simple past, present and future is a pre-requisite.

4. Learn to speak fluent and correct English

Those who are already eloquent at English need to just focus on articulation and practice. GESE Grade 5 can be a cakewalk for them. However, if you are a beginner, start Reading, Listening, and Speaking English extensively. Refer to Spoken English web resources and practice conversations with an emphasis on Grade 5 language. Prepare some basic vocabulary used in day to day conversation, with special focus on words that you may use while conversing on any of the six subjects. Create an environment of English around you. You can read small stories and summarize them standing in front of a mirror. Alternatively, you can choose a random topic and deliver a one-minute talk on it. Get feedback from native speakers and converse with them as much as possible.

5. Some Utilitarian Performance Tips:

Bear in mind the following tips to breeze through this test:

  • · You cannot pass muster if you are visibly diffident. Boost your confidence with practice and stay composed.

  • · If you don’t understand anything, please ask the examiner. Don’t pretend you have understood.

  • · Organize your thoughts before you speak. Don’t ramble. Don’t speak too fast.

  • · Demonstrate a healthy body language. You will cut no ice with an unkempt appearance.

  • · Express your views clearly. Don’t shoot one-word answers.

GESE Grade 5 test is not insurmountable. With a methodic approach and a meticulous preparation, you can clear it with flying colors.


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