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Book A1 English Test for Further Leave to Remain in the UK

If you're planning to extend your stay in the UK, it's essential to Book an A1 English Test. This test is a requirement for Further Leave to Remain and is applicable if you are either:

  • A partner of a settled person (e.g., spouse or partner)

  • A parent of a dependant

Book A1 English Test for Further Leave to Remain in the UK

The A1 SELT Test is an online examination conducted under the supervision of a live examiner at a certified SELT test centre. The test's duration ranges from 8 to 9 minutes, and you'll need to score at least 60 out of 100 to pass.

What to Expect in the A1 English Test

The test is divided into four parts:

  1. Part 1: Provision of personal information.

  2. Part 2: Participation in or response to two common situations.

  3. Part 3: Dispensing and receiving information.

  4. Part 4: Listening to questions, responding, and discussing a particular topic.

Quick Results and Certification

After completing the A1 English Test, your preliminary results will be dispatched to your email within 15 minutes. The final result, crucial for UK visa applications, will be confirmed within 3 days.

How to Receive Your A1 SELT Test Results

Upon confirmation, you will receive an email containing your Candidate URN (Unique Reference Number). This URN is mandatory for your UK visa application.

By preparing and booking your A1 SELT Test, you're taking a vital step toward securing Further Leave to Remain in the UK. Make sure to prepare adequately to pass the first time.

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