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International ESOL SELT B1 (Speaking & Listening) - B1 English Proficiency Test

This examination is mandatory for both Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement/Permanent Residency) and British Citizenship (Naturalisation) applications.

Details about the test:

  • It is an online examination conducted with a live examiner at a SELT test center.

  • The test duration spans from 11 to 13 minutes, and in order to pass, you must achieve a score of 60 out of 100.

  • Preliminary results will be sent to your provided email address within 15 minutes after the test, and the final result will be confirmed within 3 days.

The test consists of four parts, each assessing different aspects of your English language proficiency:

  1. Part 1: Providing personal information.

  2. Part 2: Initiating or responding in two everyday situations.

  3. Part 3: Providing information and listening to information.

  4. Part 4: Listening, answering questions, and engaging in a discussion on a specific topic.

These parts are designed to evaluate your speaking and listening skills in various contexts to assess your overall English language abilities.

Result and Certification Information:

Upon completing the test, the following steps will occur:

  1. Preliminary Results: You will receive an email with your preliminary results approximately 15 minutes after completing the test.

  2. Confirmation Email: After a period of 3 days, you will receive a second email to confirm your result. This email will include your Candidate URN (Unique Reference Number), which is a vital requirement for your UK visa application.

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