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How to prepare British Citizenship Test

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In order to get British citizenship, also known as naturalization or indefinite leave to remain

(ILR) in the UK, an individual must take and pass the British Citizenship English Test. The British Citizenship English Test or ‘Life in the UK test’ is a computer-based test to check the applicant’s knowledge of British culture, history, modern values, and everyday life. Also, whether the applicant is capable of understanding and speaking the English language or not.

About the British Citizenship Exam

The British Citizenship exam is the mandatory requirement under the Nationality, Immigration, and Asylum Act 2002 for the people looking for permanent citizenship in the UK. People often mistake The British Citizenship Exam and Life in the UK to be two different things, but in reality, they both are the same.

To appear for the British citizenship exam, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

● Must be over 18 years old.

● Must be free from any criminal activities, and should have good character.

● Must be living in the UK currently.

● Must have passed the Language Test

● Pass the “British Citizenship test” or “Life in the UK” test with 75 percent or more.

For the language qualification, the applicant has to appear for the Secure English Language Test (SELT) to prove one’s knowledge of the English language i.e. being able to read, listen, understand, and speak English. The SELT follows the framework of the Common European Framework for languages (CEFR) which is an international standard to describe proficiency in a language. The candidate must pass the SELT test or British Citizenship Language Test with at least B1 grade (intermediate) or higher.

Pattern and Passing Criteria

The British Citizenship Test consists of 24 multiple choice questions based on British history, law framework, and traditions. The applicant is given 45 minutes to answer all the questions. To clear the test, the applicant must answer 75 percent of the questions (at least 18 questions) correctly or more.

Prepare for the British Citizenship English Test

If you’re planning on appearing for the British Citizenship English test and pass with a magnificent percentage, then you must consider having the official British Citizenship handbook. This handbook widely provides information about UK history, geography, the British Government, and the local culture. The handbook is available as an e-book and in audio formats. It also contains a few sample papers and practice sheets.

Once you’re prepared, you can take several sample tests available on various online platforms. This would help you understand your flaws and areas that you need to focus on.



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