B1 Test for UK Citizenship

Getting British citizenship is a dream of every immigrant and to get that you need to pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT). In B1 Test English language speaking and listening is an essential part of the process. You are required to pass this test and provide the results as proof of your English language and literacy ability in your UKVI application.

However, this test is conducted separately from the life in the UK, but the results matters towards the final assessment. You have to send both the details of your language test result and the confirmation of the result to the UKVI as a part of your application for UK citizenship.

According to research, thousands and thousands of people take the speaking and listening test for visas each year. But unfortunately, not everybody who takes the

test passes. This can turn out to be very expensive for those individuals who fail and have to retake the exam. But, if you know what you need to do, prepare and practice, then you can be assured that you will pass the test with flying colours.

B1 Testing Requirements

In order to remain as a British citizen, you have to pass the “Life in the UK Test” and “English Speaking and Listening Test” either at B1 level or above. Moreover, the B1 level is considered as an intermediate level.

Preparing a Topic for the B1 English test

For the speaking part of the test, a candidate has to prepare his or her own topic which he/she has to discuss for 5 minutes. The topics that a candidate may choose can include hobbies, profession, holidays and home country. The examiner will discuss the prepared subject matter with the candidate in English.

The examiner will make sure that the candidate responds properly to questions, clarifies his or her statements and performs the desired language functions. The examiner will ensure that the individual is in a position to speak in future tenses, provides opinions, discusses UK activities and additionally states the reasons for their preferences. The candidate also needs to display that he or she will be able to use proper grammar and expressive vocabulary.

In addition to the candidate’s selected discussion topic, the examiner additionally has 5 minutes to discuss 2 chosen subjects with the candidate. The examiner can also choose two topics from subjects like festivals, means of transportation, entertainment, music or personal experiences.

Moreover, there is no written component of the UKVI approved B1 test required for UK citizenship at our SELT B1 test centre in:







7.London Croydon

8.London Hammersmith

9.London Kings Cross


11. Portsmouth

12. Preston

13. Edinburgh

14. London Stratford

So, in a nutshell, what you will have to do for the first part:

● Ask and answer particular questions and it will be done within 3 minutes

● Give a short speech and ask questions and it will be done within 7 minutes

In the second part, you will:

● Listen to two different recordings, and after that answer, some questions and this will be done within 5 minutes

● Plan an activity within 3 minutes

● Ask and answer questions about a particular topic, up to 4 minutes

B1 Test Results

So when the B1 test for UK citizenship has been completed, the results are given to the individual on the same day (Due to Covid19 this may change and the result could be delayed). The certificates, on the other hand, are sent by Trinity Centres which usually arrive within 7 days and official documents within 2 weeks. On the test day, you will need to show a valid ID or passport on the day of your examination.


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